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 Issues our District is facing

As a business man, rancher, and J.D. I have a unique perspective on the problems our district faces. The business climate in California overall is very onerous, over litigation, over taxation without representation, special problems in San Benito, 101 corridor, Salinas with crime and very unattainable housing. Voter roles are a big issue as well, we need to work on making sure only CA citizens are voting and only voting once. My experience in business, ranching, and law make me uniquely qualified to represent district 30. 

Specific issues for each area include:


Housing in Salinas is unaffordable because new construction is unable to move forward due to lack of water. We need to support desalinization plant in Marina, to provide the water we need for growth of the community. We need to work to lower the crime rate in Salinas, by increasing the budget and re-establishing the gang task force, and all law enforcement agencies across the board. 

101 Corridor: 

Onerous labor regulations are causing the farmers in our district increased labor costs which is passed onto the consumer. EPA regulations are causing massive fees and expansion is almost impossible.

San Benito County:

A big issue in our county is inadequate ingress and egress, causing our roads to be clogged, and commutes to take up huge amounts of time. In this county we only have one high school, we need to make building another school, a top priority. We also need to address the roads in this district, they are horrible, and pot holes are causing damage to our cars. 

These are the issues I would like to address if elected, if their is an issue important to you Please be sure to email me at [email protected]

Committee to Elect Neil Kitchens for Assembly 2018, FPPC #1396941
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