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Thank you SO much for visiting my campaign website!

California is dealing with some very difficult challenges, from historic debt and deficit, crumbling infrastructure, hostile business climate driving businesses out of our state taking jobs with them, to drought that has really affected our number 1 industry, farming.  We are also seeing an increase in crime where now the entire state is suffering from a burglary epidemic.

These issues are at the heart of my campaign, and having a birds eye view of all these issues as a private sector businessman for the last 30 years, I am running for State Assembly district 30 to give back to the state that has been so good to me!

Growing up in a farming family, along with my background in Criminal Justice, Business, and the Law, I am uniquely qualified to fight for the hard working families from district 30 in Sacramento!

We have a great district but historically have had career politicians representing us in Sacramento that do not have the knowledge of what the real issues, real families face, and have not given us the representation we deserve.  I am a private businessman who moved to Monterey County when I was 19 with absolutely nothing.  Through hard work and dedication I have become a successful businessman providing housing for many people for 30 years now. Later I educated myself and would actually like to use my Law Degree to become a lawmaker in Sacramento. There is much at stake in this election for all over district 30 so I hope you will take some of your VALUABLE time to read through my website, Donate, sign up and get involved!

Thank You!

Neil Kitchens J.D. 


Committee to Elect Neil Kitchens for Assembly 2018, FPPC #1396941
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